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Wild Planet Jungle Resort Taxi

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Wild Planet Luxury Jungle Resort in Devala is truly one of a kind, all-inclusive Indian eco-lodge which is surrounded by forest and is one of the most remote, adventurous, romantic and unique resort one can ever come across. At Wild Planet Resort in Devala, guests take the road less travelled and will find unprecedented solitude, serenity, rest, relaxation and refreshment. The green blanketed misty hills cleanse the mind, soul and body. The resort setting is picture-perfect with a dramatic finely embroidered luxurious living in the ruggedness of the Nilgiris jungle.

In an age where the accelerating destruction of pristine wilderness is beyond repair, Wild Planet resort in Devala is making a profound difference. Orchestrating an interdependent relationship between Nilgiris communities, wildlife and tourism, Wild Planet Luxury Jungle Resort in Devala is blazing a trail which is seldom achieved on this scale anywhere else on the continent.

An extraordinary destination in Devala offering memorable getaway packages to the global tour