Taxi / Cab To St. Stephen’s Church

taxis & cabs to The St Stephens Church, Ooty is one of the architectural marvels that the British left for us. A very old church, which dates back to the 19th century, it was build to coincide with the birthday of King George IV. The main beam and all the required timber were taken from Tipu Sultan's palace after the British defeated him in the Mysore War. The timber was bought all the way down from Seringapatanam and carried through the Sigur Ghat. The marvel of British architecture is clearly visible in the church and it also has a painting of the Last Supper.

The St Stephens Church is visited by lots of tourists every year and it is a main tourist attraction in Ooty. The structure still stands tall and there are no signs of wear and tear although it has been about two hundred years since it was built. Whatever said and done about the British, they sure knew how to build structures that stand the test of time and the structures they built during their time, still stand tall in the different parts of our country.

There are sufficient Ooty restaurants and Ooty hotels and also some Ooty resorts located in the nearby areas, if you are looking for a place of accommodation somewhere near the church. You also have a lot of Ooty restaurants nearby where you can have a quick bite before you are off to other exotic places for sightseeing. The Ooty St.Stephen's Church is a symbol of the rich history of Ooty.

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