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ooty Tea Estate View Point

                   The Nilgiri region is renowned for its tea and most of the areas in Ooty are surrounded with the tea plantation. The tea estate or plantation is one of  the tourist attraction and the tourist enjoys to go for a walk in the tea estate which gives them peacefully. The place which is most popular for its tea estates is Glenmorgan which is one of the old tea estate and also Glenmorgan is one of the famous picnic spots.

                     In Ooty, there are own tea factories for their tea plantations. The tourist is even allowed inside the tea factories and has a inflict. You can snap photographs and make it as a memorable moment in your lifetime. There is also no entry fees and also you need not get any permission from any of them so that you can enjoy the view of the tea estate.

                      The establishment of several numbers of tea estates made Ooty famous. Most of the hotels, resorts, cottages are all located near tea estates because it gives a wonderful view to the tourist. So if you are a nature lover you can inflict tea estate which gives you a peaceful and blissful trip.

                      You are not allowed to pluck the tea leaves from the tea estate.

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